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Why the iPhone 12 is not given an adapter for charging ..?

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Recently, Apple has released a new product that is very special among smartphone fans, many people want to have this dream smartphone which is of course high quality, because of that the iPhone 12 is called the smartphone, the best off smartphone style.

buy iPhone 12 also has pro and pro max variants that will definitely make you want to have it after knowing its advantages below:

If you’re looking for a smart reason upgrade your smartphone, Apple new some model iPhone 12 mini, 12 pro, 12 Pro max, and 12 zzhave a lot to offers.

They are don’zt quite rise to the top our stringents smartphones ratings, but Consumer Reportss examiners said they were excellent overall, receiving top marks for the upgraded camera, layers OLED, and high fast performance.

And, you may have heards they are also the first Apple model to include the hardware need for 5G the next step in wireless connectivity which is now common in phone made by other smartphone brands. Apple has also made major change to the material charging process. burn iPhone. The news Mag Safe chargers sold separately for $45, doubles the numbers of watt you this can wirelessly transfers to yours phone, making the wireless charging process even fasters.

Butt to take fulls advantages of that conveniences, you need to plug the phone into a 25watt power adapter which costs $ 25 at the Apple Stores.

Even if you’re not using wireless, you need to have your plug to charge the phone. Unlike previous years, Apple no longer includes one – or a pair of wired headphones – in the box with its newest models.

Ultimately, though, there this is good in thr news for your wallets, Many of the new features in the premium iPhone 12 Pro max and 12 Pro are also in available on the iPhone 12 min and 12 .

This new phone has a slezeek looks and the feel. The Pro Model is wrappeds in an elegant stainless steel frames also although it is prone to smudge The iPhone 12 mini and 12 are coated in simpler aluminum. All is have ditchedzs the roundeds edges found on recents iPhone 12 in favorites of flat sides reminiscents of model in the past.

For changes, you also get variety of pricing options this year, mostly by size. The iPhone 12 Mini with 64 gigabytes of storage will cost you $ 700.The slightly bigger iPhone 12 costs $ 800.

The 12 Pro, in which now start at 128 GB  marking Apple’s first storage upgrade sinces the iPhone 8  cost $ 1,200, the same price as the last year iPhone 11 Pro. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max will set you back $ 1,100.That’s all no charge for the power adapter Why didn’t Apple put a with chargers adapter in their package, that’s a question I can’t answer right now

Well, for you iPhone lovers, maybe the iPhone 12 series is perfect, apart from the stylish design, the iPhone 12 also brings you to the feel of a new era in the world of smartphones.