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Three must-have smartphone applications that you must install on your Android smartphone

Smartphones are already part of our daily lives because of the things it can do for us. Because of smartphones we can listen to music, watch a video, access our favorite social media applications, and play games aside from the conventional way of texting and calling.

To put it simply, smartphones made our lives better, and thankfully, there are a lot of applications that can do anything we can imagine, and you can carry your smartphone anywhere you are all the time so, why not let it make your life a lot better? To give you an idea what other applications you should install on your smartphone, here are some useful applications that you can install on your Android smartphone.

  1. Adobe

Adobe has some of the most useful applications that you can install on your phone because its applications generally range from photo editing all the way to utility like the Acrobat reader where you can gain access to your PDF files easily, also the Adobe Lightroom and the Photo Express which are used for photo editing, as well as the Illustrator Draw for sketch, the Adobe Scan for document scanner, the Premiere Clip for video editing, and a lot more. The majority of these applications can fill in niches that other third-party applications simply cannot provide you. To add more, they are all better to hold spots on your list for all of those things that are not there. All of them are free to download also, while some of them may require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to unlock all the features.

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  1. AidDroid

This application lets you connect your personal computer to your Android device and vice versa so that you can easily share, transfer, upload, and download files conveniently with just a few swipes of your fingers where you can get notifications and a quick reply for your messaging applications and a lot more functionality. The AirMirror, a plugin for your AirDroid lets you remote into other computers for assistance and guidance for the person who uses it. This is among the best ways to connect all of your devices altogether in a single application. It is compatible with all Android operating system smartphones, but you can also install it on your iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems as well because of its apple app developer version. However, there is a subscription fee for all of the features that you want to use, but you can try its free version to determine if you want it or not.

  1. CamScanner

When it comes to efficient document scanner application for your smartphone, CamScanner is the best out there. You can use this application to scan documents into your phone using your back camera and convert these documents into a PDF format. You can then send the document via email or save it to your device, and you can even fax it for a nominal fee if you want to. This is one of the very few applications on the Google Play Store that can do a lot of things and can definitely make the best out of it.