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Essential Fortnite Battle Royale Tips

There is a hot debate brewing in the world of shooter video games, and the contenders are PlayerUnknown’s Battleground versus Fortnite, both vying for the attention of players around the globe. For those who don’t know, Fortnite didn’t start gaining popularity till it introduced the battle royale mode.

Over 40 million people have played Fortnite, and the number continues to rise; this is because it’s a unique game and it plays out a lot differently than PUBG. To experience what we are talking about, you can get a Fortnite download and play the game to experience it yourself.

If you’re looking to get started, read further to find useful tips that can help you out.

Loot Hard and Fast:

The action in Fortnite is fast, and if you wish to survive the initial stages, then you need to loot as much as you can. An easy way to do so is by jumping out of the bus at the first chance you get and skydiving to the first spot where there are signs of buildings. Firstly, get a weapon; once you do, you will want a shield or a healing item in case you’re stuck in a difficult situation. Try not to skip anything in the first stage because any weapon is better than no weapon.

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Consider A Long Drop:

The game’s map is small, and there are 100 players at a time. The latest update has added many built areas to loot from, but it has also added more players hence, increasing the chances of elimination; especially if you’re in the flight path of the battle bus. Your glider will allow you to reach anywhere on the map. Consider floating over to the other side of the island before dropping to loot, especially if you’re a beginner. The only way to practice combat is to get involved in a fight, and it can be sad to lose within seconds of landing if you’re a newbie.

Land on A Roof:

When you loot your first building, start on the roof. Some buildings will have weapons there, but in houses, you will find chests that are hidden under the tiles. Drop on the roof, and you use your axe to break through. Breakthrough to the next level down, loot and work your way to the ground floor. When you loot buildings, you can still reach the roof by building a ramp and repeating the process. If a chest is near you, then you will hear it, so pay attention to your surroundings. You will want them, and they are mostly in the attic.

Never Stop Moving:

Camping may work in PUBG, but it does not work in Fortnite. If you stand still for too long, you will die. If you’re reloading, healing or attacking, you need to move as much as you can. If you make small movements on the spot while you’re recovering, it will be difficult for snipers to spot and shoot you. A moving target is more difficult to hit than a stationary one. Know more about the game by going for a Fortnite download.