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Learn More About Source Data Products’ iSeries Hosting

Source Data Products has been providing the best innovative solutions since 1979. The company focuses more on the technical expertise for the IBM midrange products. They are known to be the best in this business because they have the knowledge and the skills on the technical aspect of the products that they sell. With Source Data Products, it is not all about the revenues, but they give more emphasis on the overall client experience with the services that they provide.

Source Data Products – The IBM Experts

 If what you are looking for is a secure, expert IBM i Cloud Hosting for your business-critical applications, Source Data Products can help you with that. When it comes to iSeries Hosting, they are the experts. The company is an IBM Premier Managed Service Provider and they are also a POWER Specialty Business Partner. With over 20 years of experience in this business, they were able to provide satisfactory services to different individuals and companies from all over the world.

 Source Data Products Introduces The Cloud400

Cloud400 is a secure solution to your cloud hosting needs for business-critical applications. The company makes sure that you will be assisted by the best IBM i experts who can provide you with the best solutions that you might not ever find from other companies. The Cloud400 is an SSAE-16 certified when it comes to safety, reliability, and redundancy. This also has a 99.999% uptime when talking about reliability. The company servers are in an enterprise-class data center which was previously a bank vault. Meaning, their servers are in a bomb-proof area!

The Free 60-Day Trial

Doing this major change might be a huge deal for you. If you are not convinced if Source Data Products can provide you with the iSeries hosting services that you need, the company offers a Free 60-day trial. For the next three months, you can weigh your options. This is a huge offer from a company who is known for their world class services. But Source Data Products wants you to find out for yourself and experience the change that other businesses were happy to take.

Why Choose Cloud400? 

Source Data Products services are 30% to 70% less expensive compared to their competitors. This reason alone is enough to convince you to choose Cloud400. This only means that if you choose Cloud400 from Source Data Products, you can save as much as $20,000 a year, or even more! This is of course with a promise that you will not sacrifice the performance and the quality of service that you will receive from the company.

IBM is well known all over the world but like other applications, it may also have its downtime. Before this happens, make sure that you get in touch with Source Data Products to know your options. If you are in need of iSeries hosting, get in touch with Source Data Products. They can provide that for you with their Cloud400, a reliable solution for all business-critical applications.