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Best way to access the lost Apple device

Here we will let you know about the special feature introduced by Apple to safeguard your Apple devices like i-Phone, i-Watch or i-Pad. You can use this feature so that no one else can use your device once you enable this option. If someone wants to reactivate your device then he/she needs the apple id and password. Without the apple id and password you will not be able to erase the phone data or turn off find my i-Phone feature. Some innocent customers purchase the device from the retailer in lock condition. You can Remove Bypass iCloud Lock for iPhone and iPad Eas and access your apple device data.

Remove Bypass iCloud Lock for iPhone and iPad Easy

Some people are using third party bypass iCloud activationLock tool to do the complex iCloud activation unlocking. Apple introduces theactivation lock feature with IOS 7 or later. It is not possible to remove theiCloud lock by jailbreaking. If you want more information to Remove Bypass iCloud Lock for iPhoneand iPad Easy then you can visit the website. Bypassing theActivation lock enables you can access certain features of the locked device.There are some cases where you found a lost device and you want to return it tothe owner. But to do so you need some personal information about the owner ofthe device. You can bypass the Activation lock or you can remove it.

You can visit our website and follow the mentioned steps there to bypass the Activation Lock feature. You cannot access the locked phone dialer and you need to tap on I to get the IMEI number of the device. We do the IMEI verification of your device to know the eligibility of your device for iCloud unlock. Follow the steps mentioned below to bypass the Activation unlocking.

  • Download the latest e-book and guide to your PC from the direct download button.
  •  Submit the IMEI of the Apple device for verification.
  • Then we will do the IMEI verification of your device.
  • Download the e-book.
  • Connect the device to your personal computer and switch off your device. Hold the power button and the home button for 10 seconds. Now release the power button but keep holding the home button and when your computer recognizes the connected Apple device with the beep sound release the home button.
  • Now follow the guidelines to bypass the activation unlock.

After reading the whole article you will come to know how to bypass the activation lock or remove the activation lock so that you can use your locked device that you have purchased unfortunately with activation lock enabled. You can also return someone’s lost device after bypassing the activation lock. You can also check the frequently asked questions at our website to know more.