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Types of Biometric Identification Software

The Biometric identification system can recognize individuals by their characters. Physiological biometrics identification software consists of different types. This software is simply categorized based on the physical characteristics they recognize. Biometric identification with scale is much superior compared to other identification methods  at the site since it examines the characteristics of an individual that cannot be stolen or shared.

Different types of Biometric Identification Applications

Face Recognition

Face recognition type of biometric software can systematically examine particular features common to overall human faces including between eyes separation, cheekbone positions, and jawline. After examining the entire numerical quantities, the software comprises them in the single code.

Hand Geometry Biometric

The readings of hand geometric typically carried out in a harsh surrounding, unclean environment and result from a small dataset. The hand geometric test has mostly preferred a type of identification in industrial sectors.


Fingerprint Recognition

The fingerprint scanner is the mostly used biometric technology application and currently are included in some laptops, smartphones, and PDA like the iPaq Pocket PC. Initially, the analysis of the fingerprint was typically carried out by top trained experts. Biometric identification can perform the same task, however, they normally use computers to examine digital images to recognize someone.

Such type of software relates a ridge pattern and furrows presented on individual’s fingertips intricacies points of the specimen print along with other prints on the database. The comparison of the fingerprint has been in existence for 140 years now, and up to date, no one has ever discovered a similar fingerprint. As the body continues to grow, fingers develop kin size but ridge relationship remain the same.

Retina Scan

Duplicating the retina is completely considered impossible since the blood vessels presented at a back of the eye forms the exceptional pattern. Retina scanning takes about 15 seconds with a careful concentration. This method is also used during military installation.

Iris Scan

Iris scanning also offers a unique information which can be difficult to duplicate. The scanning level is similar to the retina scan.


Another type of an information that cannot physically intrusive and can easily be gathered by appropriate biometric authentication application. Other individuals apply digitalized signatures, however, this signature typically does not have a resolution that ensures authentication.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is the same as face recognition since it provides an authenticating identity method without the individuals’ knowledge. You can easily chat with this test by a recorded voice. It is not easy to trick the analyst into speaking like another person.

Uses Biometric Identity during Elections

The Zambian-Electoral-Commission has selected an IDSearch for each and every election since 2005. For these type of elections, IDSearch can capture more than 6 million voters fingerprint image and registration records to produce a highly accurate AFIS template. The process of fingerprint matching and deduplication of more than 500 billion records was completed. African nations that have also select IDsearch identification method include Swaziland, Guinea, and Ghana.


Biometric identification technology is much better compared to other solution since it analyzes a human characteristic that cannot be easily replicated or stole. Biometric-Identification-solution for fingerprints recognition is the mostly used biometric technology.