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WAC: Loaded with Features to Ease your Work

Wicked article creator is an advanced and popular article spinner software. This tool is a valuable tool for SEO and link building. Though there are many different content spinners online, you should not get confused.  WAC comes with a 14-days trial period that allows you to recognize how helpful the software can be.  You can try out the features and see how effective they are in blogging, SEO, and internet marketing.

Unique features of Wicked Article Creator

·         User Interface

The Wicked Article Creator comes with a friendly user interface. However, some people are surprised at first and find it a little complicated. It is a well-designed tool, but not difficult to use. It only needs a single click to spin the content. You also get to use GSA, which is a posting tool that makes your work all easy when using the software.

Improved version

Wicked Article Creator gives you various options to write content by scraping and using the software’s private database. The database contains millions of articles for numerous niches. If you want articles with good readability, you go for the premium version.  The basic version also creates good content, but the readability is not as good as the other version.

You can use the latest version to get super spun articles at three levels. They include word, sentence and paragraph levels. This helps you choose the quality you want. You can also set and use the options you wish to including eliminating certain words and paragraph mixing.

Another great feature is the ability to choose scraped articles based on the number of words, keywords, and the number of paragraphs. This feature ensures you get only relevant content.

Premium T1 content

With WAC premium, you can easily build T1 content. It is a long process where you download URLs of various articles that are related to your keywords. This is made possible by the scrapebox tool, and they are later uploaded to the article creator premium version, and when you download them again, they will be fresh content, which is T1 content. It has content with original paragraphs in the same position but mixed up.

WAC is a content creator developed to help you make well-spun articles in less than ten minutes. This is made possible at a meager cost, and it does not cost more $35 for the basic version and $75 for the premium version. It has some shortcomings such as an imperfect filter mode and some lagging functions. However, it remains efficient, just like a writer whose work needs to be checked for perfection. You can through your articles and remove anything that you do not like.

You can take advantage of discounts offered frequently to help you buy your WAC today. This software works just as promised, and several reviews online have proven that. Most people get disappointed because you cannot use it with other spinners including Spin Rewriter and WordAi. It also does not use speech analysis or any other type of natural language analysis type of spinning.