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Structure and application of Fullerenes

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Structure of fullerenes —

Structure of fullerenes means the chemical structure of the C60. This chemical compound was first discovered by Buckminster Fuller and hence it is named after him. There are a wide variety of industrial uses of this component and you can buy it from any certified and recognized supplier of fullerenes. There has been a lot of research done on fullerenes which have resulted in the creation and development of several new compounds that are almost more than a thousand. This has also led to a lot of research in the creation of carbon nanotubes, new and advanced chemical materials invention, the creation of the cylindrical variants of buckyballs, and also the highly touted graphene.


It is very much important to understand the structure of fullerenes to conduct research on it and know its chemical properties. The unique structural properties of carbon nanotubes’ and their bonding properties cause the inner tubes to slide within the outer tube in case of a multi-walled nanotube. This suggests the use of this compound in tiny motors, ball bearings and also in lubricants. These fullerenes have been discovered around 25 years back and there are a lot of opportunities to research and discover new secrets about this compound. Study of fullerenes brings about the opportunity for research in materials science, pure chemistry, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical chemistry. The basic structure of fullerenes contains 5 member carbon atom rings that are separated by 6 member rings of a carbon atom.

Use and application of fullerenes —

Fullerenes are used in the creation of:

  • Photodetectors and photovoltaic
  • Polymer Electronics
  • Antioxidants & Biopharmaceuticals
  • Polymer Additives
  • Catalysts

The above given are the 5 main components which are present in a fullerene. As mention above various industrial application is making use of this fullerenes. Also, there are other various applications besides industrial in which the fullerene are used. A lot of research are already in process for fullerene so that it can be useful in more applications.