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Free internet radio is the source of music that is the outburst of the soul!
“Your heartbeat is just the beatbox for the song of your life”- this quote is the proof of what music does to the soul and body! Music is that sixth sense that awakes all the other five senses of the body, thus making them bulge out with sheer love and passion for the beats! Music has always been a source of entertainment since a very long time. Its existence is dated back to BCs.

The word music comes from the Greek word, which means “art of the Muses”. In Ancient Greece, the muses included the goddess of music, poetry, art, and dance. Even in the Stone Age, people made music. The first music was probably made trying to imitate sounds and rhythms that occurred naturally. Gradually, there were made different kinds of music, until some few years back, which had the invention of electronic genres of music like:

  • JAZZ: Just as the name precisely quotes, according to me it stands for just about “ZZ”, which means it, consists of all the blues and ear charming music. It has been recognized as major musical expression.
  • POP: It stands for popular music! Remember the “King of Pop”- our esteemed late Michael Jackson! It has adopted its style from the combination of various other ones like rock, country, Latin etc.
  • ROCK: This genre certainly rocks its style! It is a hardcore combination of blues and country music, along with some hardcore beats and rhythm to pertain its ancient style “rock and roll”.
  • BLUES: It is a music genre, which represents the “blues in the music”. Blues means soft music which is a mixture of various others like spiritual, simple ballads, field hollers etc.
  • HIP-HOP: It is also known as rap music. Remember “Hasta-la-vista”. Well, it’s under this genre. This style comprises of various rhythmic tunes that can set the foot in motion of their beats!
  • CLASSICAL MUSIC: This is a musical art, which has its roots from the ancient western culture. It comprises of both liturgical (religious) and spiritual music. It is one of the hardest forms to inculcate. The classical musicians are deeply respected due to its complicacy in understanding!

And the list goes on and on!! Within no time this list will reach hundreds of more genres! Free internet radio is the source of obtaining and enjoying such music! Music is a never-ending freedom and religion that gives the words when words fail to convey!