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Getting the best nikon fx lenses

Fx cameras remains to be the better choice for different kinds of photographers, although there is an option to go with DX, for people that first got an FX in the first place it’s hard to really go with cameras that has lower image sensors because the results will vary (significantly).

The best thing about FX is that if you have a 50mm you will get the results of a 50mm unlike the DX ones (go figure, clue: crop factor). So whatever the size of the lense you got like a 50mm, when you shoot with FX it will feel like a shooting with a 50mm.

Let’s get back: But let’s not talk about cameras here because we have a more interesting topic here. The better lenses for FX Nikon  cameras. With this camera wars from various brands and various types like Canon, Sony, Fuji, Sigma; Nikon has certainly positioned itself into this place where it’s hard to pass by a Nikon. In Terms of hardware, software and performance, definitely of the leaders in digital photography.

The question: So let’s get back to the million dollar big question, what are the best nikon fx lenses ? the answer is pretty much subjective and will be based on preference. Yeah yeah I know it’s disappointing but you should know that there is really no wrong answer here. But if you are going to rephrase the question about being more specific like what is the best lense for portrait? a landscape, for night, for fast moving objects, this is the place where you want to be at this point.

Tricky: The tricky part here is about having a personal preference on what you shoot and what you want to shoot and identify it. Because you need to consider a lot of things depending on the situation. There will always be a question of f stops, zoom vs. prime, image stabilization, weight. Always always always. Recently i created Easy Paper Airplane and make it fly in the sky. In that scenario i wanted to shoot the flying of my plane. Here, the nikon lense helped me a lot.

So, in short, you really need to know what you want to happen in the shoot and what you are shooting. Taking into consideration the various elements surrounding you and use it to your advantage. So if you’re question is the best Nikon fx lense? Chances are you will still get many answers if you ask various photographers because lenses connect on a very personal note. So unless you know what you want then that would be the time that you will get a specific answer.